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Why do churches make such a big deal out of preaching? Why does the sermon typically take up half of a church worship gathering? One would think after 2,000 years of church history, Christians would figure out a different way to disseminate the gospel. While there are many ways to communicate the gospel and share truth from God's word, preaching has been and will continue to be an effective way to help people take next steps in their faith journey.

The truth is churches make a big deal out of preaching because the Bible makes a big deal of preaching. Knowing how to prepare and deliver a sermon is one of the most important competencies of a senior minster. This course will prepare the church planter for preaching and teaching in the new church.

This course is “free”; however, there are several required books that will greatly enhance your learning experience. These books (available on kindle) will be valuable resources in your church planting journey and pastoral ministry. Links for these books (and other resources) are provided within each of the course units. If the price of any books scare you consider buying a used copy (amazon.com is one place to search) or see if your local library has them.

Course Outline

Module 1 Preparation
Unit 1 Preparing a Sermon  
Unit 2 Expository Preaching  
Unit 3 Module 1 Quiz  
Module 2 Planning
Unit 1 Creative Communication  
Unit 2 Preaching That Connects  
Unit 3 Module 2 Quiz  

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