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Pastors are counselors, teachers, and leaders. They’re motivators, encouragers, and preachers. But most importantly, pastors should be shepherds. The planter needs to be ready on day 1 to serve as pastor and shepherd for the new church family. In this course, the planter will learn “how to” skills for practical ministry areas such as pastoral care, counseling, weddings, funerals, benevolence and family ministry (children and youth).

This course is “free”; however, there are several required reading books that will greatly enhance your learning experience. These books (available on kindle) will be valuable resources in your church planting journey and pastoral ministry. Links for these books (and other resources) are provided within each of the course units. If the price of any books scare you consider buying a used copy (amazon.com is one place to search) or see if your local library has them.

Course Outline

Module 1 Counseling
Unit 1 Pastoral Care
Unit 2 Pre-Martial Counseling
Unit 3 Benevolence
Unit 4 Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 Ceremonies and Services
Unit 1 Weddings
Unit 2 Funerals
Unit 3 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Family Ministry
Unit 1 Family Discipleship
Unit 2 Children's Ministry
Unit 3 Youth Ministry
Unit 4 Module 3 Quiz

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