This is a leadership course designed to help participants gain a vision for reproducing churches and the tools needed to ignite a culture of multiplication. The course has six self-study modules consisting of high impact videos, audios, and articles. The course requires about six hours of your time to complete, but you work through it at your own pace and on your own schedule. Author, and founder of Exponential, Todd Wilson highlights the prominent church cultures leaders most naturally create and challenges participants to honestly assess which culture they’re creating. Wilson points out that every church, regardless of context or phase (pre-launch, launch or post-launch) is unconsciously creating a culture. This course provides a thorough explanation of how culture is created and what is needed to create a multiplication culture. The Spark course identifies and examines 18 of the very real tensions that inhibit multiplication, pointing out that how church leaders face and maneuver through these tensions might be the most significant blessings that shape their church’s culture and DNA