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You've been called to plant a church – now what? This Introduction to New Church Development course provides valuable “next steps” for the incredible journey you’re about to embark on. You’ll receive practical nuts and bolts knowledge and learn “how to” methods for church planting from the ground up. Topics include: calling, vision, planning, oversight, fundraising, volunteer management, and operations for the new church (e.g. marketing, outreach, facilities, equipment, legal requirements, worship/teaching).

This course is “free”; however, there are several required reading books that will greatly enhance your learning experience. These books (available on kindle) will be valuable resources in your church planting journey. Links for these books (and other resources) are provided within each of the course units. If the price of any books scare you consider buying a used copy (amazon.com is one place to search) or see if your local library has them.

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to Church Planting
Unit 1 Why Church Planting?
Unit 2 Calling
Unit 3 Profile, Competency and Assessment
Unit 4 Planter Health
Unit 5 Coaching
Unit 6 Module 1 Quiz
Module 2 Developing a Ministry Philosophy
Unit 1 Target and Contextualization
Unit 2 Church Planting Models
Unit 3 Multi-Ethnic Church Planting
Unit 4 Disciple Making
Unit 5 Philosophy of Ministry
Unit 6 Module 2 Quiz
Module 3 Planning
Unit 1 Starting with the END in mind
Unit 2 Develop Strategies
Unit 3 Grouping and Sequencing
Unit 4 Scheduling
Unit 5 Budgeting and Assigning Tasks
Unit 6 The Launch Strategy
Unit 7 Module 3 Quiz
Module 4 Funding the Dream
Unit 1 Overview of Finances
Unit 2 Budgeting
Unit 3 Financial Systems
Unit 4 Fundraising
Unit 5 Module 4 Quiz
Module 5 Organizational Structure and Systems
Unit 1 Leading an Organization
Unit 2 Church Governance and Structure
Unit 3 Building a Launch Team
Unit 4 Staffing
Unit 5 Legal Requirements
Unit 6 Module 5 Quiz
Module 6 Pre-Launch Phase
Unit 1 Structuring and Building Ministry Teams
Unit 2 Marketing
Unit 3 Outreach
Unit 4 Equipment
Unit 5 Facilities
Unit 6 Community Networking
Unit 7 Module 6 Quiz
Module 7 Discipleship and Multiplication in the New Church
Unit 1 Assimilation
Unit 2 Discipleship
Unit 3 Reproducing Leaders
Unit 4 Church Multiplication
Unit 5 Module 7 Quiz

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