This course is designed to help you and your church identify, select and move forward on your Pathway toward multiplication. You will be able to diagnose where you are; determine where you believe God wants you to be in the future; and determine the necessary practical steps to move into multiplication. The purpose of this course is to help church leaders turn their aspirations and good intentions for multiplication into compelling visions with actionable strategies to become a church that will make a difference for generations to come.

This course is based on the material from the eBooks Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Pathway to Level 5 Multiplication, Dream Big Questions and Dream Big Workbook.

“Bottom line: You cannot expect to change the world if you don’t first decide to change the world. But decision-making isn’t enough. There is concrete planning to do; inevitably tensions will follow. But as this book points out, multiplication is doable. Jesus has not only commissioned you to make disciples, He has also equipped you and your church for this world-changing mission.”

~Ralph Moore, founder of the Level 5 Hope Chapel multiplication movement, which has planted more than 2,000 churches worldwide.

Course Outline

Module 1 Preparation
Unit 1 Overview  
Unit 2 'You Are Here'  
Unit 3 Reviewing the Foundational Concepts  
Module 2 Purpose
Unit 1 The Purpose of the Church  
Unit 2 Disciple Making: The First and Critical Dimension of Multiplication  
Unit 3 Building Capacity for Disciple Making: The 2nd Dimension of Multiplication  
Unit 4 Mobilizing Disciples to Make Disciples: The 3rd Dimension of Multiplication  
Unit 5 Assessing Your Disciple-Making Culture  
Module 3 Perspective
Unit 1 Perspective  
Unit 2 Key Characteristics for Level 5 Multiplication  
Unit 3 Paradigm-Shifting Characteristics for Level 5 Multiplication  
Unit 4 System-Based Characteristics for Level 5  
Module 4 Paradigm
Unit 1 Changing Lenses  
Unit 2 Embracing Five Paradigm Shifts for Multiplication  
Module 5 Pursuit
Unit 1 The Paradox of Vision  
Unit 2 How Dreaming Big Changes You and Your Church  
Unit 3 Finding Your Vision  
Module 6 Pathways
Unit 1 Understanding the Pathways to Multiplication  
Unit 2 Selecting Your Multiplication Pathway  
Module 7 Planning
Unit 1 The Role of Planning  
Unit 2 Strategy for Identifying Your One-Year Goal  
Module 8 Penitence
Unit 1 Penitence  
Module 9 Priorities
Unit 1 Priorities  

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