The pressure of leadership today is more challenging than ever. As a leader we know you simply want to make a difference in the lives of others. But where do you start? What should you do? 

The critical shift you can make today is from being a Hero to a becoming a Hero Maker! 

We want to help! 

For a limited time we are offering our Hero Maker Leadership Training Kit for $9 (Normally $99). That’s over 90% off! 

Learn From Hero Makers like…

And 50+ more National Leaders as they challenge and equip us in the 5 practices of a Hero Maker!

Topics Include:

  • Multiplication Thinking: Shifting your focus from your own leadership to multiplying and developing other leaders.
  • Permission Giving: Seeing the leadership potential in those around you, and giving them permission to engage in leadership opportunities.
  • Disciple Multiplying: Making disciples who make more disciples. When you begin doing discipleship in this way, you extend your impact far beyond your church or city.
  • Gifts Activating: Developing the gifts that God has given people and sending them out for ministry – not just simply trying to fill slots in your ministry.
  • Kingdom Building: Shift your focus from measuring attendance to measuring how effective your disciples are.

Go ahead, leverage your influence and become a Hero Maker that lifts up and releases others to be Heroes in the unfolding story of your church. 

This incredible resource includes 20+ hours of inspiring videos and is available for a limited time for $9. Download today!