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The FREE Made for More Personal Calling Kit is designed to help your church empower others to discover their calling. It begins by awakening the dreams and imaginations of every believer to live the extraordinary life that God has always had in mind for them to live. The greatest force for change in the world happens when the Spirit of God mobilizes the people of God for ministry in every nook and cranny of society. Imagine a life where your best interest intersects with God’s best intentions. We will take a look at how we know when we are living in the sweet spot of our calling and also demonstrate why our most productive leaders might not be called to ministry in the church but instead called to be the church in the marketplace.

What it includes...

Callings Way eBook


Calling’s Way by Pete Richardson

We all wrestle with the same daunting questions about our lives: Why am I here? Do I have a unique, God-created role to play in His Kingdom during my lifetime? If so, how do I discover what it is? Calling’s Way charts out the process one goes through to fully discover, experience and optimize their God-given calling in their lifetime.


Previously Unreleased Videos by leaders like:

rick warren

Rick Warren

JD Greear

J.D. Greear


Cynthia Marshall

Ryan Kwon

Ryan Kwon

Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons

also featuring Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, Todd Wilson

Videos were recorded at Exponential West 2016 and have never been publicly released until now!

2020 Conference

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