FREE Resource Kit for Church Teams

Are you growing weary of recruiting volunteers to fill spots?  Are you feeling the burden of managing a recruiting system that lacks integrity in mobilizing people around their unique gifts and calling? Get more information about cheltenham festival tips. Are you sensing there is a better way?

Down deep you know the church is designed and called for so much more!

The theme of Exponential 2019 is “Called for More: Mobilizing God’s People, God’s Way!”

We’re developing a FREE resource kit designed specifically for church staff, elders, and teams to work through together.

Our goal?  To help churches move from an accumulation focused, volunteer centric recruiting approach to a more calling based, missionary oriented approach that releases and sends Believers to their unique mission fields in society.

Your investment? This 7 hour investment in your team could change the trajectory of your church’s impact.  The resource kit is FREE and easily customizable to your unique context.  We encourage you to schedule this 7 week study with your staff sometime during the Summer or Fall of 2018.  A church-wide sermon series and small group kit will also be available in late 2018.

The FREE kit will be ready for download in May 2018.

Yes, please email me when the kit is ready…

Why are you developing this kit?

What would our world look like if the Body of Christ was truly activated and engaged in joining God’s work in the way He designed? As leaders called to mobilize the disciples we’re making, we have a profound role—and a huge opportunity—to lead our churches to discover more of what God has for His people and His churches as we carry His fullness to a world in desperate need of living water.

Exponential exists to champion healthy, church multiplication.  We want to see the percentage of U.S. churches that ever reproduce increase from less than 4% to greater than 10%.

Mobilization of the priesthood of believers to carry the fullness of Jesus into every corner of society as they make disciples is a key factor in multiplication.

We need a healthy culture of empowerment where the fruit of mature disciple making is disciples who GO. We need a fresh look at our scorecards and motives that so perfectly produce accumulation and consumption rather than release and mobilization! We need to embrace mobilization God’s way!

What does the kit include?

This resource kit features:

  • Free, downloadable content
  • Designed to help your team mobilize God’s people, God’s way
  • Uniquely developed for church staff, elders and team leaders
  • Interactive Bible study from the book of Ephesians
  • Includes a 7-lesson study guide
  • 5 hours of video teaching from 10 different national leaders
  • Group reflection questions to process as a team

How is the kit designed to be used?

Although an individual could work through the content alone, the kit is designed for church staff and teams to work through together as a Bible study.  The study walks through all six chapters in the book of Ephesians. The reflective study questions will help facilitate a healthy, interactive conversation amongst your team members.  The entire study can be worked through in 7 weeks assuming you meet for an hour each week.

Who are the teachers included in the kit?

Five hours of teaching content from 10 national leaders was recorded on the main stage at Exponential 2018.  The 10 leaders include:

  • Dave Ferguson
  • Michael Frost
  • DA Horton
  • Leonce Crump
  • Noemi Chavez
  • Drew Hyun
  • Alan Hirsch
  • Brian Sanders
  • Danielle Strickland
  • Sam Stephens

What framework for personal calling are you using?

The 2019 theme and this resource kit are based on the BE-DO-GO framework from the book More: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest Measure by Todd Wilson.  In nature, the 1,000s of sweet spots in the world all include a design, a purpose, and a position.  In a similar way, our unique individual callings are like a sweet spot.  We each have a unique design (BE), a unique purpose (DO) and a unique position (GO).  When we discover the unique integration of these three elements, we’ve discovered our unique sweet spot of calling.

At the corporate level, the church is called to more!  We are called to BE more, to DO more and to GO more.

  • Called for More: There is wonder and mystery in the truth that the church, through its people, has the power and the equipping to carry the fullness of Jesus into every corner of society. We are called to BE disciples of Jesus, who overflow his fullness to others as we make disciples (DO), wherever we GO.   In living out this general calling, we are each uniquely made (BE), with specific good works and deeds to accomplish (DO), wherever we can be most effective.  We are uniquely called and gifted to play a role in God’s mission to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus.
  • Called to be More: We are each uniquely made, called and equipped by God to play our part in His mission for us to carry the fullness of Jesus into every crack and cranny of society. Are we helping people discover who they are uniquely made to be and the role they play in carrying the fullness of Jesus to their unique corners of society or are we simply recruiting them to fill our needs?
  • Called to do More: Jesus’ plan for mobilization is designed for us to do more together than we can do individually. God’s design for the church includes a plan for how the gifts fit together to build up the church. Are we organizing to make full use of the unique gifts God provides through his people for the divine purposes in which they were given?
  • Called to go More: Every Believer is a missionary with a unique mission field. As churches, our “GO” is inseparable from helping people discover their unique mission field in society. We are to help people “make the most of every opportunity” to carry the fullness of Jesus to others. Are we equipping people to GO?

Why the book of Ephesians?

No other book in the Bible more beautifully and fully captures the role of the church in being the fullness of Jesus and carrying his fullness to every corner of society.  Ephesians provides a wonderful and practical roadmap for applying the BE-DO-GO framework at both the personal and corporate levels.  Six chapters also make a very practical 7 weeks study (an introduction plus a lesson for each of the six chapters).

What is the “Big Idea” from each of the chapters?

Big Idea Chapter 1:  The Church is Called to More.  That begins with illuminating this mystery and wonder:  Jesus is More. Only Jesus can fill everything in every way.  The church is called to More, to be the fullness of Jesus into every knock and cranny of society.

Big Idea Chapter 2:  The Church is Called to BE More.  That begins with every disciple of Jesus investigating their God-given Masterpiece: how they are uniquely designed and called to one of a kind mission for More. This session highlights that we are the vessels for carrying the fullness of Jesus to others.

Big Idea Chapter 3:  The Church is called to love More.  As we marinate in the love of God for us and in us, it will overflow through us. Only His love can fuel us on the mission to More.  To carry the fullness of Jesus to others, we must have the fullness of Jesus in us.  The maturity of his fullness in us gives birth to the proper motives for being mobilized:  love.  The love of Christ in us is to overflow through us to others.   We can’t be effective ambassadors to carry something to others that we don’t have in us.  This session highlights the importance of having a growing FULLNESS of Jesus IN US!

This session also highlights that is God’s power and not ours that fuels our mobilization. It’s his ways, and not ours that should shape our plans. God gives us a primary calling (or general calling) shared by all Christians, everywhere, all the time.  This is to be disciples (BE), who make disciples (DO), wherever we go (GO).  Our secondary calling (or unique calling) distinguishes us from all other Christians.  We saw it in Ephesians 2:10. We are uniquely made (BE), to do good works and deeds prepared for each of us (DO), that we are to walk in within our unique mission field or corner of society (GO).  The secondary or unique calling ONLY finds its significance within the context of our primary or general calling to be disciples, who make disciples, wherever we go.

Big Idea Chapter 4:  The Church is called to do More. Jesus has provided the organization to release the More in His body. We must instigate an awakening of every person to know and live out both 1) The primary mission of carrying the fullness of Jesus to the world and 2) The secondary mission of their one of kind masterpiece of personal calling (Their unique APEST, gifts, passions, story, etc.). Jesus’ design for mobilization is designed for us to DO MORE together than we can do individually.

Big Idea Chapter 5:  The Church is called to go More.  The people of God have already been sent and placed strategically by Jesus.  Mission begins by carrying the fullness of Jesus where we live, work, study, and play. Every Believer is a missionary with a unique mission field. Our “GO” is to embrace our mission field and “make the most of every opportunity” to carry the FULLNESS of Jesus to others.

Big Idea Chapter 6: The Enemy will do everything possible to thwart God’s plan for More, the first line of attack is in our mind. The enemy will do everything in his power to stop us from going. If our unique gifting and call is God’s unique plan and equipping for carrying the FULLNESS of Jesus to the world, we should expect Satan to do everything possible to thwart the plan.  The battle starts in the mind and with our motives for mobilization.  We must be intentional, and commissioned to GO!