• 2020-21 Together
    2020-21 Together

    What is missing from many of our efforts and strategies? Doing it Together! We are all very familiar with the Great Commission and the challenge to “Go.” There has been much taught on the Great Commandment and the need to go with “Love.” But it is the last part of Jesus’ mission – which was Jesus’ final prayer – that we have forgotten. It’s the Great Collaboration – that we are to go in love Together!

  • 2019 Made for More
    2019 Made for More

    Made for More is the theme for Exponential 2019. The theme focuses on how each of us are called for more in our lives, churches, and networks. We will walk through the 6 chapters of Ephesians during the main sessions. Speakers include: Francis Chan, Albert Tate, Keri Ladouceur, and more!

  • 2018 Hero Maker
    2018 Hero Maker

    Hero Maker is the theme for Exponential 2018. The theme focuses on the shift from being the hero to coming alongside others for them to become the heroes in our church's unfolding story. Leading a level 5 multiplying church requires Christ-like humility, dying to self, a God-given, Kingdom vision and a daring shift in the following practices: Multiplication Thinking, Permission Giving, Disciple Multiplying, Gift Activating, and Kingdom Building. Speakers include: Andy Stanley, Albert Tate, Carey Nieuwhof, Ed Stetzer, Nancy Ortberg, Leonce Crump and many more!

  • 2017 Dream Big
    2017 Dream Big

    Jesus challenged us with a big dream. If He had sketched out His big dream for His Church, we think it would be something like, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes up on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Videos are from all of Exponential's 2017 events. Speakers include, Matt Chandler, Louie Giglio, Derwin Gray, Mark Batterson, Janet McMahon, Albert Tate and more.

  • 2016 Becoming Five
    2016 Becoming Five

    This Becoming Five theme is a manifesto of sorts that we believe will help us define a practical vocabulary and framework that courageous leaders like you can rally behind and grab onto as you seek to close the gap between your aspirations for multiplication and the strong tensions that constrain you to addition-growth thinking. To read more about this year’s theme, you can download the free eBook, Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church (2016). Speakers include: Rick Warren, J.D. Greear, Mark Batterson, Cynt Marshall, Ed Stetzer, and many more!

  • 2015 Spark:  Igniting a Culture of Multiplication
    2015 Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication

    Inside every follower of Jesus is the spark of multiplication and when that spark is “fanned into a flame,” it can ignite an entire culture of multiplication. Videos are from Exponential 2015 East and West and include talks and creative elements from all main and webcast sessions with over 20 national leaders at each conference. Speakers include: Danielle Strickland, J.D. Greear, Derwin Gray, Max Lucado, Dave Ferguson and more!

  • Church Multiplication Webcast
    Church Multiplication Webcast

    Five sessions with church-planting leaders like Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer, J.D. Greear, Dhati Lewis, and Bob Roberts on church multiplication. Each segment was recorded at the Exponential East 2016 conference.

  • 2014 Seek + Save
    2014 Seek + Save

    Videos are organized by the 5 sub-themes at Exponential 2014 and include talks and creative elements from all 10 main sessions. Five themes include: Rethinking Evangelism, Rethinking Outreach, Rethinking Witness, Rethinking Preaching, Rethinking Commission. Hours of teaching from over 20 national leaders. Speakers include: Francis Chan, Rick Warren Louie Giglio, Matt Chandler, Tim Keller, Danielle Strickland, Ed Stetzer, Cynthia Marshall, and many more!

  • 2013 DiscipleShift
    2013 DiscipleShift

    Videos are organized by the 5 sub-themes at Exponential 2013 and include talks and creative elements from all 10 main sessions. Five themes include: From Reaching to Making, From Teaching to Modeling, From Attending to Participating, From Connecting to Transforming, From Attracting to Deploying. Speakers include: Francis Chan, Craig Groeschel, Chris Hodges, Rick Warren, Laurie Beshore, Derwin Gray, Jim Putman, and more!

  • 2012 Sifted
    2012 Sifted

    “Sifted” highlights the vital importance of the spiritual, physical and emotional health of the church planter as a vital component in catalyzing leaders who reproduce. Where most resources focus on the “doing” of models, approaches and innovations, “Sifted” focuses on the “being” and health of church planting leaders. Speakers include: Wayne Cordeiro, Shannon Smith, Mark Batterson, Jud Wilhite, Dave Ferguson and more!

  • Church Planting
    Church Planting

    The church planting digital access pass gives you access to over 75 videos from leaders like Max Lucado, Mark Batterson, J.D. Greear, Larry Osborne, Jonathan Falwell, Jenni Catron, Derwin Gray, Steve Stroope, D.A. Horton, and many more!

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  • National Discipleship Forum 2014
    National Discipleship Forum 2014

    Digital Access Pass gives you access to download the content from all 6 main sessions of the first National Discipleship Forum on “The Discipleship Lifestyle." This includes the ted-talks by the 6 different speakers and the entire dialogue which followed.

  • Leadership Tensions Forum
    Leadership Tensions Forum

    Join Shawn Lovejoy, Larry Walkemeyer, Joby Martin, Ryan Kwon and Derwin Gray for a raw discussion of key tensions every church planter/leaders faces. You'll get an "up-close and personal" learning experience with pastors who have planted their churches and continue to wrestle with the key tensions of leading a church plant.